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Short URL Feature in Text Messaging
Updated On: Oct 23, 2020

A new link is now available in the text messaging forms called Create Short URL. The short URL feature lets you convert a long URL to a short one that saved characters in text messages. Click the Create short url link next to the character count box on the text messaging forms.

In the pop-up window add in a title. The title should not contain any spaces or characters other than letters, numbers, underscores, or dashes. The title will be the end of the URL after the forward slash /.

Enter or paste in the long URL that the short URL should redirect to. The https:// or http:// part of the link is required.

Save the short URL. After saving you will see the short URL listed below the form with a Copy URL box. Click into the copy URL box and copy the short URL. Paste the short URL into your text message where you want users to click the link.

The short URL uses our shortened domain u1n.org. So if you entered a title of local75contract the short URL would be created as u1n.org/local75contract which saves a lot of characters compared to the long URL. That link will automatically redirect to the long URL.

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