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    May 10, 2022
    We are pleased to announce the release of our next UnionActive template design. Responsive design #8 features a modern layout with several header options including full width hover menus, header background images for each main menu or member resource page, additional layouts for what's new and headline article modules, and much more.
    Mar 24, 2022
    A QR code Check-in Card option has been added to the member database. Members access the check-in card by logging into the site and going to their account settings page, then clicking the Check-In Card button. The check-in card link can also be added to the mobile app or bookmarked for quick access. The button generates a QR code that works with a Data Manager form.
    Feb 17, 2022
    You can now view the users who have confirmed views for an email broadcast. In the admin area > messaging tab, any email broadcast will show confirmed views once users have started reading the message. Click the confirmed views link to open a window and view the exact users who have confirmed views.
    Jan 19, 2022
    The built-in web spell check button is no longer available for the editor. We have replaced it with a new spell check as you type option. Spelling will be automatically checked as you enter content into the editor now. Word or phrase suggestions will be highlighted by the editor. To see suggestions, simply hover your mouse over the highlighted words and a popup will appear.
    Sep 01, 2021
    You can now schedule Email, Text, and Short Code Text messages for delivery at a later date and time. The broadcast messaging forms have a new Schedule Message Delivery section with a drop down menu. To send the message right away leave the drop down selected to "Send Message Now".
    Aug 10, 2021
    When you use the article notification options the message will now be saved as a broadcast message in the message history list.
    Jul 16, 2021
    The short code messaging feature now allows you to send broadcast text messages to a spreadsheet of cell phone numbers. The spreadsheet file must be either an .xls or .xlsx Excel file. The Excel file must contain 1 column with a title of Cellphone. Each cell phone should be on a separate line in the Cellphone column.
    Jun 15, 2021
    The Data Manager is a powerful database creator and online form builder with a ton of great features. Use the Data Manager to create and manage databases of any kind like important contact databases, phone call records, contractor and employer databases, staff lists, or anything else you can think of.
    May 14, 2021
    A new option has been added to the user signup process for email verification. Users who enter a valid email address into the user signup form can be required to verify their email with a pin sent to them. They enter the pin into the verification window and then complete the registration preview as normal.
    May 12, 2021
    There is a new button available above all page, article, and custom module editors labeled "Insert Accordion". This button allows you to insert an accordion box directly into any page, article, or module. An accordion is a clickable box that revels additional hidden content when clicked.
    New UnionActive Template - Design #8

    We are pleased to announce the release of our next UnionActive template design. Responsive design #8.
    New Template Available Now!

    UnionActive Version 6 Template Features: Modernized Layout with Open Spacing.
    Responsive Templates

    UnionActive Version 5 Template Features: Modernized Layout with Open Spacing. Place content full width or as columns in any location.
    Responsive Templates

    UnionActive Version 5 Template Features: Modernized Layout with Open Spacing. Place content full width or as columns in any location.
    Responsive Design
    Seamless viewing across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
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    Important! Secure your site with SSL/HTTPS service to remove the connection not secure message from browsers.

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    Important Information
    When the big boss says "jump," generally employees say "how high." Now, a new cyberscam is capitalizing on that mentality to fool its victims.
    We continue to notice email phishing scams coming to our clients so we wanted to provide some information to everyone about what to watch out for. Most phishing scams will ask you to verify your private information or login account information by filling out a form in a link or an attachment in the email.
    Yahoo recently changed its authentication policy, and the change could impact delivery of emails that come from yahoo.com addresses.
    We wanted to take a moment to let all of our current police, sheriff, and corrections association website clients know about some security measures we are putting in place. In light of the recent and ongoing attacks against police association oriented websites we have implemented some extra security measures specifically for our UnionActive clients.
    Please make sure we have updated contact information on file for the Web Administrator and Billing contacts for your website.
    The domain name is the key to all your website and email services. When a domain name inadvertently expires it can cause all kinds of delays and issues with email service and website access. Make sure you know who owns your domain name, when it expires, and how to manage and renew your domain name. Read the domain names section of this website for more information, and make sure your domain name is safe!
    We have seen a few instances lately where a webmaster will assume that their member resources pages are all requiring a login, when in reality the pages or features have not been set to require a login to view them. Specifically the meeting minutes and contract areas.
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