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Updated On: Sep 269, 2011

Headline articles appear on the homepage in the headline modules. There are 3 headline modules, Headlines, Headlines 2x, and Headlines 3x.

The Headlines modules will display an unlimited number of headline modules in a vertical listing with one article per line.

The Headlines 2x module will display an unlimited number of articles in a vertical listing with two articles per line, like a 2 column news paper.

The Headlines 3x modules will display only 3 articles, all on the same line, like a three column news article. Each headline article will contain its own separate content, so all three can be used together to display different sets of articles. The headline modules can be added or removed from the home page using the module controls.

To post a headline article, use the post article button on the homepage or the post article link in the admin area > content tab. Select Headline, Headline 2, or Headline 3 for the article page depending on which headline modules you want to use, and fill in the rest of the form normally.

The headline articles can either display a preview of the article, the full article, or no text at all, just the headline and a link to read the full article. They can also display a caption image and download links depending on what info is entered into the post article form.

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