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The UnionActive system is a powerful website and communications platform designed specifically for Union organizations.  UnionActive is the easiest way to convert your current web site, or establish a brand new web site into a POWERFUL Membership Management & Communications Network.

UnionActive features a built-in Content Management System that enables you to make all the day-to-day changes on the web site yourself !! Its as easy as sending e-mail!! UnionActive offers multiple secure areas, including a Members Only area, Email Broadcasting to members, Message Boards, Secure Online Voting & Polling, a complete E-Commerce Web Store with an easy to maintain and operate Shopping Cart, and so much more !!

This help website is setup to assist you in learning to use the UnionActive system. To learn more about ordering a UnionActive system including packages and costs, please visit our main website. 

Your initial UnionActive website will be setup under a temporary domain that will allow you to setup and preview the site before going live with your official domain name. The temporary domain will be in the format of http://yourdomainname.unionactive.com.
To access the administration controls of the website, login with the initial administrator username and password provided to you. Enter the username and password into the Member Login box, and click the login button. If your website does not have a member login box, click the login link, from Member Resources, to access the login screen.
The first thing to do when you initially login as the administrator is set a secure password for the account. Click the User Settings button from the home page, then scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a password field. Delete the current password and enter in your own private password.
The Administration Area is the main control pannel for the UnionActive system. To access the Administration Area, login to the website as an administrator, and then click the yellow Administration Area button just below the website date. Administration Area Each link in the Administration Area has a short descirption about what can be done in that area.
Once you are in the Administration Area, the first thing to do is set the initial web site configuration settings. Click the Edit Web Site Settings link in the Administration Area, located at the top of the right column.
The feature settings area allows you to turn the built-in features of the UnionActive system on and off. When a feature is turned off, it will no longer be visible on the website. To turn off a feature, set the Enable column to NO. To turn on a feature, set the Enable column to YES. Built-In features include the Message Board, Events Calendar, News Feeds, Blogs area, and many other features.
Once the website has been configured with the desired settings, setup the Main Menu and Member Resource pages for the site. The following instructions apply for adding pages to the Main Menu and the Member Resources areas. Add navigation pages to the Main Menu: Go to the Administration Area, and under the content tab, click the Add New Page link next to the main menu icon.
Articles allow you to arrange information for a page into sub-sections of the page for easier reading and navigation. A page can have an unlimited number of articles, and each article can also have an unlimited number of sub-articles, creating a 3 level menu system. An article will appear as a hover menu when the mouse is positioned over the Menu link, as shown to the left.
To customize user fields and set options for the user signup form go to the admin area > settings tab > new user registration form link. You can set which standard user fields are required on the signup form in the first section. The custom form fields allows you to add 4 custom form fields to the user registration and account settings forms.

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Getting Started
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