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Adding and Removing Users
Updated On: Sep 255, 2011

To manage users who have already registered with the website, go to the Administration area, and click the members tab. From this area you can add new users, search and edit existing users, and delete users.

When you search for a user a list of search results will appear with links to the individual settings for each user. Click on the edit buttons to access and edit that specific users settings. You can also delete users for the system using the delete button next to each user listed.

Use the add new user form to add a new user. Fill out the form fields, set the security level for the user, and then click the add user button. Once you add a user using this form the user account will be active, no need to approve the user.

Users can also register for the website using the built-in registration form. After a user registers online they will need to be approved before they will have access to the website. Read the user registration section for more info.

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