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Do you have a video you want to share with your members or the public but aren't sure how to add it to you website? We can help! Videos can be a great tool to communicate with your membership, provide an archive of meetings and drive traffic to your website.
Have you ever wanted to insert the full image of a PDF, Word Document, or any other non-image file into your website, email blast, etc. but it just won't work? The trick is to convert your non-image file into a valid image file such as a .jpg or .png - you can even link the image to the original file so that users will open the original file upon clicking the picture of it.
Did you know more than 50% of your organizations website usage originates from a mobile device or tablet? It is critical more than ever to have a website that displays and works easily on mobile devices. Responsive design and mobile apps are key to making a website easy to navigate on mobile and tablet devices which encourages users to come back.
Did you know that each UnionActive website has a handy Online Voting Tool available to website administrators? Has your Union thought about using the Online Voting feature for a vote but didn't know how to get started? In this tech tip we will show you how easy it is to create an online vote for any anonymous votes that your union might want to put on the website.
Why do I Get Warning “A data breach on a site or app exposed your password” in Chrome? When logging in with the Chrome browser, you might get a pop warning you about possible data breach that contains your password. This pop up message says, "A data breach on a site or app exposed your password. Chrome recommends changing your password on now.

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Tech Tips
Add Videos to your Website
How to Show Full Image of PDF, Word Doc, etc. On Your Website or Email Blast
Mobile View Testing
Online Voting
Why Does My Browser Show a Password Data Breach Warning?
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