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NEW! Short Code Text Messaging Service
Updated On: Nov 02, 2020

What is Short Code Text Messaging?

Short code messaging provides premium two-way text messaging and keyword automated texts at very high rates with no throttling or spam filtering directly from the messaging area of the website.

Send broadcast text messages to members, text list signups, or any cell phone number almost instantly at a rate of 18,000 messages per minute. Unions-America, UnionActive, and all of our clients are approved by all U.S. and Canada cell carriers for this service. This means no delays from throttling or spam filters. Short code messaging is one of the fastest bulk messaging options available.

No Cell Provider Required!

Short code messaging does NOT require a user to select or indicate their cell provider, they only have to opt-in to receive the messages. Our Short Code Messaging Service can send a text to any cell phone number in the U.S. or Canada regardless of the carrier.

Two-Way Threaded Communication

With our Short Code Messaging Service Unions can send a broadcast text message and members can send a text message response back if needed. When a member replies to a short code message a reply will appear in the short code messages manager and an admin can collect those responses or send a message back to the member directly from the short code management area. Admins can also receive alerts via email or text when a user replies to a broadcast message or sends a keyword text:

Admins can engage member responses via text message directly from the website with this type of two-way messaging. View messages from a user in an easy to use threaded message format similar to a cell phone. Send instant text message replies:

Create Automated Keyword Text Campaigns

Short code messaging service also allows the use of automated keyword message responses. You can create customized text keywords with automatic text responses. For example a user could text the keyword 570Contract to our short code number and receive an automated response with a link to directly download the local 570 contract and any other important information regarding the contract.

Try it now and see how it works! Text keyword UNIONACTIVE to 95776.

You will quickly receive an automated response with information about UnionActive. Your local can create unlimited keyword/response campaigns. Customize the keywords and responses as often as you want. Create organizing campaigns, re-sign lists, text alert lists, employer alert lists, or anything you can think of. Provide quick links to important member documents or information with a simple text message request. Once a user texts the keyword to the short code number they will be part of that specific list. Admins can send a broadcast to all keyword users or download a list of who submitted the keyword. If the cell number matches a member website account it will indicate the first and last name of the member who sent the keyword or text reply.

Short Code Messaging also provides built-in system keywords HELP, STOP, and RESUME. The system keyword HELP will trigger an automatic response with contact information. The keyword STOP allows a user to opt-out of receiving further messages, and system keyword RESUME allows users to start receiving messages again after a previous stop.

High Open Rates and Fast Responses

At close to 98% average open rate short code messages have some of the highest open rates of any type of messaging. Compare that to around 20% open rate with email.

Users tend to respond quicker and appreciate the ease of text messaging. The average response time for short code messages is 90 seconds.

Watch the Example Video

What Does it Cost?

Short code messaging is a premium service that requires a monthly service package. The package your organization should select depends on how many short code text messages you expect to send and receive in one month. Unions-America is charged a fee per message from the cell carriers and we must pass that cost to our clients who want to use the service. Our rates have been specifically negotiated and setup for Union organizations to utilize the power of short code messaging at a reduced cost.

We have several packages to choose from. Select the package with enough messages to cover your expected monthly usage. Outgoing (broadcast messages, admin/keyword replies) and Incoming (user replies, keyword texts) all count towards the monthly message total. Any messages beyond the package level allowed amount will be charged a simple per message fee as stated in the packages.

Short Code Messaging Packages

500 messages/month
- Unlimited keyword campaigns
- 2¢ per additional message

Limited Time Offer:
No Setup Fee!
2,000 messages/month
- Unlimited keyword campaigns
- 2¢ per additional message

Limited Time Offer:
No Setup Fee!
5,000 messages/month
- Unlimited keyword campaigns
- 2¢ per additional message

Limited Time Offer:
No Setup Fee!
10,000 messages/month
- Unlimited keyword campaigns
- 2¢ per additional message

Limited Time Offer:
No Setup Fee!
40,000 messages/month
- Unlimited keyword campaigns
- 1¢ per additional message

Limited Time Offer:
No Setup Fee!

Example: If you send a broadcast email to 75 members that would be 75 total messages sent.

If 25 users reply to the message that would be 100 total messages sent and received.

If you do that 4 times per month you would average 400 total messages per month.

No long term commitment required. You can change packages at any time.

Signup for Short Code Messaging

When you are ready to start using short code messaging click the button below and then fill out the request form. The service will be added to your current account.

If you are not a current UnionActive client you can purchase a Standard UnionActive site and then add a short code messaging package to use the service.

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