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IAFF Single Sign-on Login Integration
Updated On: Aug 214, 2023

We are happy to announce to our IAFF clients that IAFF database logins have been fully integrated into the UnionActive system!

You can now allow your Local IAFF members to login to the website using their IAFF.org account credentials, which will allow users to access your IAFF website without needing to register first. If they are a current dues-paying member in your Local with a valid IAFF login, they can login to your UnionActive website automatically.

IAFF state associations using the UnionActive system can also allow all the state association members to login with their IAFF account credentials. IAFF members who are not in your Local or state association will be denied access.

When a member logs into your UnionActive site with their IAFF login, the system will check to see if they already have an existing website account based on IAFF number, email, cell phone, or name and zip code. If a match is found, the user is logged directly into their normal website account. If a match is not found, a website account will automatically be created along with their basic contact information like email and cell phone, allowing you to send broadcast email or short code text messages to them immediately.

The IAFF login integration saves members the extra step of registering an account on your UnionActive website. It also lets them use their already familiar IAFF login username and password, and saves admins the extra step of verifying each online registration.

Add IAFF Login Access to Your Site

To allow IAFF logins on your site, simply add the IAFF_Login module using the module controls to any position on your home page. Website logins and IAFF logins can still both work at the same time on the website.

If you would prefer to switch to only allowing IAFF logins on your site, contact us and we can make that adjustment on your website.

The IAFF Login module displays an IAFF Login button for members to click. The IAFF Login button takes users to the IAFF.org single sign-on login page. After the member successfully logs into the IAFF single sign-on page, they are automatically redirected back to your UnionActive website and logged into the site.

If the member is already logged into the IAFF sign-on system, clicking the IAFF Login button will bypass the single sign-on page and quickly redirect them back to the website already logged in.

If you have any trouble with the IAFF login module or process, please let us know. Thank you!

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