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Two Factor Authentication Now Available
Updated On: Nov 314, 2023

Two factor authentication (2FA) is now available for all UnionActive sites. 2FA adds extra security to a website by introducing a second layer of defense beyond just the password, making unauthorized access to user accounts significantly more difficult.

2FA works by sending a random pin to the users email address or cell phone number. The user enters the pin into the verification form and if it matches, they are logged into the site. The user will not be able to proceed to any section of the site until they have completed the 2FA process.

Email or Text Message Options

2FA can send the pin via email or short code text message to the settings entered in the users account. If the user doesn't have an email or cell phone in their account, they will be prompted to go to their account settings and enter one. Once they have updated their account, they will be returned to the 2FA form to complete the process. Admin accounts will not be able to update their settings, so make sure admin accounts already have an email or cell phone number to avoid being locked out.

A short code text message package is required to activate the 2FA via text message option. Use the link below to view short code packages and request the service at the bottom of the page.


Remember My Device

The 2FA form includes an option to remember the user's device/browser. If this box is checked during the verification process, the user's device/browser will be remembered and they will not have to login or authenticate again from the same device/browser unless they logout. The process will create a persistent login which will reduce their need to re-authenticate or login each time. This also reduces the number of short code text messages that need to be sent. Each time the user returns to the site in the same device/browser, they will be automatically logged in.

How to Enable Two Factor Authentication

To enable 2FA for your UnionActive site, go to the admin area > settings tab > edit website settings link. The two factor option is under the general settings section near the top of the page.

Two Factor Authentication Menu Options

The 2FA option can be enabled for all login accounts on the website or just admin accounts to provide extra security.

No: two factor authentication is disabled
All Accounts: Every login account will be prompted for two factor authentication
Admins Only: Only admin accounts will be prompted for two factor authentication

Direct Access Login Also Available

The forgot login area now includes a direct access login option for users who have lost or forgotten their username and password combination. A user who has an email address or cell phone number in their account can use the direct access login option from the forgot login page to receive a pin number via their account email or cell phone. After they verify the pin number, they will be logged into the site. Once they are authenticated, they can go to their account settings page to update their password. This process can also create a persistent login for the user's device/browser.

If you have any questions or problems with the 2FA process, let us know. Thank you.

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