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The domain name is the most important part of a website. If the domain name registration expires, the website and email services associated with that domain name will stop working. It can then take at least 24-48 hours after a domain expires for it to be renewed and back online.

Do you know who owns your organizations domain name?

If the domain was registered and setup by our staff when the UnionActive website was purchased, your domain is safe. We automatically renew the domain name on your behalf each year, and we bill you directly for the renewals, so you don't have to worry about your domain expiring.

If you had an existing domain name before the UnionActive website was purchased, chances are we do NOT have access to the domain registration, we are only the host for the website. In this case someone else owns the domain name, and that person or organization is responsible for maintaing the registration of the domain name.

Going live and changing name servers for the domain

Going live with an existing domain name usually means changing the name servers for the domain to the unions-america.com name servers. The name server change makes us the host for your DNS and website. The name server change does NOT transfer the domain registration or ownership to us, or give us any ability to renew the domain name in the future. The maintenance of the domain is still the responsibility of the domain owner.

Find out who owns your domain name!

Its easy to find out who owns your domain name. Just click the link below, enter your domain name into the WHOIS Lookup box at the top of the page, and click the button. You will then see the ownership and contact information for the domain name. If you see instructions to use a different link follow the instructions.

WHOIS Lookup

In the results of the whois lookup, look at the Registrant and Administrative Contact sections. If they list unions-america.com as shown in the following images then we have control of your domain name and its is automatically renewed each year and charged to your account. Your domain is safe!


If the results show any other contact information, then we do NOT have control of the domain name. The domain is still the responsibility of the listed individual or organization.

IMPORTANT: If the listed contact info is not your organization or an individual in your organization, and you do not recognize the listed contact info, your domain is at risk of expiring!

Check the expiration date of the domain name. This will tell you the date when the domain name will need to be renewed again. Do not let this date pass without taking action. As soon as the domain expires you will lose all services associated with the domain name.

Getting control of the domain name will require contacting the listed Administrative Contact for the domain and getting their help. A domain transfer request will ususally need to be initiated. We can help you with that process, but it will require having contact with the listed Administrative Contact. Contact us if you need help getting control of the domain name.

Transfering your domain name registration and ownership to Unions-America

If you want Unions-America to control the renewal of your domain name a domain transfer request needs to be completed. We can start the domain transfer request process for you, but several things are required for it to be completed.

1. The domain name needs to be unlocked.
2. The domain authorization code (EPP Key) needs to be sent to us
3. The administrative contact for the domain needs to be able to receive email at the address listed in the whois lookup info.

If all of those requirements are met, we can start the transfer request process. Contact us if you want to transfer your domain registration to Unions-America.

Page Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017 (11:12:54)
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