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To find specific settings for your domain email, go to the "Admin Area" then the "Support" tab then click "Email Setup Information" as shown below:

POP3 IMAP SMTP Webmail access List server options Aliases Auto-responders Forwarding Shared contacts for the domain Shared calendars Shared folders (the shared items must be accessed through the webmail area) Any email program can be used with the email service including Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage, and all smart phone email programs.
The most common way for emails you send to wind up in junk mail folders is from users reporting the message as spam in free email providers like AOL, Yahoo, or Gmail. When an message is reported as spam it causes other messages you send to potentially get directed to junk mail folders as well.
All POP3/IMAP/Webmail accounts are allowed up to 1GB of server storage space by default. Additional email server storage space can be purchased in the following blocks for indivudual accounts that require higher storage limits
Email accounts can become compromised in many ways unless the proper security precautions are followed. When an email account is compromised its usually used by bot nets or hackers to send spam or virus emails to other email accounts. There are many ways an email account can become compromised.
There are 2 main ways to reduce spam. The first is to block or filter spam messages as they are sent to your address, the second is to keep your address from having spam messages sent to it. The first way is a reactive method to try and separate legitimate email from spam. The second is a proactive method to keep spam databases from obtaining your address and is much more effective.
To send encrypted email through Outlook first required obtaining your own digital ID certificate from a valid provider. Review the link below from Microsoft about getting your own digital ID certificate. The section at the top about getting a digital ID has links to providers where you can purchase an ID: https://support.microsoft.
You can also use your own in-house  or alternate email server outside of out system if you have one. You will need to provide us with the MX and DNS records that need to be setup to use the in-house mail server. The in-house mail server also needs to be setup to accept email from the info email address that is used by the email broadcast system of the websites.

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