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SSL (HTTPS) Options

Modern browsers are now requiring all websites that have login and personal data requirements to be encrypted over SSL (https://). This is the beginning of a larger change coming in the next 2 years that will require all traffic to be transmitted over https. Any site that doesn't adhere to these requirements will be marked as Not Secure with a large red flag.

SSL service encrypts the transmission of all data and content to and from a website making it much safer. Adding SSL service to your website will remove the not secure message and it will add the lock icon in the browser address bar. The presence of the secure icon will make members feel more comfortable logging into the website and updating their personal information knowing it will be transmitted securely.

We have put in place 2 options to be able to provide SSL to all of our clients:

Option 1: Purchase a managed SSL certificate for the URL through us.

Purchase an SSL certificate from us for $100 per year. Part of that fee is for the certificate license, and part of that fee is for us to manage the SSL certificate each year. You don't have to do anything, we do all the work to keep the certificate current. Managing includes creating a new request from our servers, processing it through our SSL provider, and then importing the final certificate back to our servers and configuring the website to use the renewed certificate. With this option your sites website URL will stay in the address bar and include https. We can automatically redirect all traffic to the https address as part of managing the SSL certificate. Please note SSL certificates are sub-domain specific meaning www.mywebsite.com and members.mywebsite.com would require 2 separate certificate services for both to work with https in the URL.

Request SSL/HTTPS Service

Option 2: Provide your own SSL certificate.

If you do not want to buy a managed certificate through us, and want to provide your own certificate, there is a $30 fee to manage the certificate each time it expires. This fee is for the same management reasons listed above that we must perform each time you renew your certificate.

If have questions about SSL service for your website contact us. Thank you.

Page Last Updated: Feb 01, 2023 (07:32:42)
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