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Updated On: Jan 19, 2021
Click the Edit Web Site Settings link in the Admin Area > Settings tab. This configuration form is separated into several sections:

General Site Settings
Social Network Settings
Home Page Settings
Login Alert Settings

Scroll down the Edit Web Site Settings page, make changes to each section, and then click the Update button at the bottom of the form to save the settings.

General Site Settings:

The general settings section contains the contact and header info for the website. Below is a description of each field.

Website Domain Name - This field contains the official domain name for the website, without any www or http://. The domain should be in the format of: yourdomain.org. This field is required.

Union Full Name, Union Abbreviation, Local Number - Fill in these fields with the appropriate information for your organization. The Full Name field will be used anywhere that displays the full name of the organization, like at the bottom of the site in the copyright notice. The abbreviation and local number are used on the home page in the what's new area, and anywhere else an abbreviated notation is needed.

Website Main Header Text, Web Site Sub-Header Text - These two fields are used in the header of the website, and as the title of the website. The Main Header text will display as a large font with the sub-header text below it in smaller font at the top of the website. If a graphic header is created for the site then these two fields will not be displayed.

Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax - Fill in the appropriate contact info for the site in these fields. This information will be displayed on the Contact Us page, above the email contact form. If you do not want to display any of this info just leave the fields blank.

Time Zone - Select the appropriate time zone from the drop down menu. The time zone setting will adjust the time settings on the website to the proper local time.

Set Contact Us Email Recipient - Set this field to the email address that will receive the Contact Us email form when a user completes the form and submits the information. This can be any valid email address.

Set New User Registration Email Recipient - Set this field to the email address that will receive the new member registration form when a new user registers with the website. An email will be sent to this email address that contains the users information and a link to activate the users account. For more information about the registration process refer to the User Registration section on the help website.

Set Broadcast From Email Address - This will be the from email address for broadcast messages sent from the site. Important! This must be an email address from the website domain.

Set Organize Today Email Recipient - Set this field to the email address that will receive the Organize Today form.

If you want to use the same email address for all three forms, you can just enter the email address in the Contact Us Recipient field, and the same address will be used for all three forms. You can enter multiple email addresses in each field by separating each address with a comma.

Web Site Address - The website address field should contain the common domain address for your site. The format is www.yourdomain.org

Social Network Settings:

In the social network settings area enter a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Google page link if your organization has any of those accounts. You can also enable or disable the social network quick links in the site.

The social network page links will be used in the social media module that you can add to any column of the website. The module will display icons for social network sites that will be hyperlinked to the pages you enter here.

The social network quick links are located in various modules. The quick links allow users to post a recommended page or article in the website to their own social network accounts. Disabling the quick links will hide those buttons.

Home Page Settings:

The home page settings section controls features that appear on the home page of the website.

Number of What's New Articles to Display on Home Page - Set this field to the number of articles to display in the What's New area of the home page. The default is 5. Any articles beyond the number displayed on the home page will automatically appear in the Article Archives area. The article archives area is accessed by clicking the Article Archives button in the What's New bar on the home page.

Login Alert:

You can enable a pop-up message to appear when a member logs into the website. Set the activate login alert option to yes then enter a start date and end date for the pop-up. Leave the dates empty to show the pop-up indefinitely. Enter the pop-up message into the login alert message editor.

Save the site settings page to save your changes.

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