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Setting Up Menu Pages
Updated On: Sep 269, 2011

Once the website has been configured with the desired settings, setup the Main Menu and Member Resource pages for the site. The following instructions apply for adding pages to the Main Menu and the Member Resources areas.

Add navigation pages to the Main Menu: Go to the Administration Area, and under the content tab, click the Add New Page link next to the main menu icon.

Add navigation pages to the Member Resources: Go to the Administration Area, and under the content tab, click the Add New Page link next to the member resources icon.

The following options are available when you add a new page:
Custom Content Page: Select this button to enter your own content and build a page from scratch. You can use the built-in HTML editor to enter or paste content, or you can upload files to use for the page.

Link to an Existing Page or Web Site: Select this option to create a menu link to an existing website address, or directly link to a document on your website like a PDF file.

Link to Built-in Feature: Select this option to link to a feature of the website, like the Events Calendar or Photo Gallery. Use this option if you want to re-name a feature link or move the link to a different menu or a different position.

Link to Online Form: Select this option to create a link directly to an Online Form created in the Online Form Builder, inside the Admin Area. For more information on creating Online Forms, refer to the help website.

Download Page: Select this option to create a customized download style page, similar to the built-in download page, but customizable with your own title and content. Upload files to the page using a built-in form.

Edit a Main Menu or Member Resource page:
Once you create a custom content page, go directly to the page in the menu, and click the Edit Page button.

You can also go to the Admin Area, click the Edit/Delete Main Menu Pages link, or the Edit/Delete Member Resource Page link, and then select the Update button next to the page you want to edit. Use the admin area method if you created a link to a website, document, or online form. The following is a list of options on the Edit Menu page form for custom content pages.

Display Page in Main Menu - Set this option to NO to hide the page from the Main Menu navigation links. You can still post article to the page and link to the page.

Menu Listing Order - Order the Main Menu pages using this field. The first page listed will be number 1, then 2, and so on.

Use Pop-up Menus: Select Yes to use hover/pop-up menus when you post articles to this page. A hover menu selection will be created for each article post to the page. Select No to disable the hover menu for this page. More information about posting articles is listed later in this document.

Require Login to View This Page - Set this option to YES to make the page a private page that requires logging in to view the page.

Enter Page Text - Enter the text that will display on the page using the built-in editor.

Enter Menu Link Title - This is the title of the page that will appear in the Main Menu navigation box.

Enter Page Title - This is the title that will appear at the top of the page when someone clicks on the menu page.

You can preview the page without leaving the edit page by clicking the Preview button. Make sure to click the update button before clicking the Preview button to see the most recent changes.

Once you have the Main Menu and Member Resource pages created, you can post articles to each page.

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