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Updated On: Jan 19, 2021

The feature settings area allows you to turn the built-in features of the UnionActive system on and off. When a feature is turned off, it will no longer be visible on the website. To turn off a feature, set the Enable column to NO. To turn on a feature, set the Enable column to YES. Built-In features include the Message Board, Events Calendar, News Feeds, Blogs area, and many other features.

Certain features allow you to make them members only features that require a user to login in order to access the feature. To make a feature require a login, set the Public column to NO. To make a feature open to the public, set the Public column to YES.

Most of the fields are self-explanatory. The Send User Update field allows you to control what happens when a logged in member updates their profile, including their home and email addresses. Setting the Enable column to YES allows the user to choose if the update information is emailed to the organization for record updates. Setting the column to NO completely removes the user option and does not send any information to the organization. Setting the column to AUTO automatically emails the updated information to the organization, without giving the user any option.

For information about using each feature go to the Built-In Features link of the help website.

When features are enabled they a link to the feature will be added to the main menu or member resources menu.

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