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Setup Custom User Fields
Posted On: Jan 19, 2021

To customize user fields and set options for the user signup form go to the admin area > settings tab > new user registration form link.

You can set which standard user fields are required on the signup form in the first section.

The custom form fields allows you to add 4 custom form fields to the user registration and account settings forms. When you enter a title for a field that field will then appear in the forms for users to complete. Set the required option to Yes to force members to complete the field.

The optional form fields section is used to customize certain field names on the User Sign-up form and the User Settings form. You can set your own custom field names in order to use the fields to collect custom user data. The default field names are Local Number, Trade, and Member Number. Enter your own field name into each box that you want to customize. Leave the fields blank to use the default names. For the local number and trade fields you can populate a list of selections for those fields. Go to the admin area > settings tab and click the appropriate link to enter selections.

In the restricted email domains section you can keep members from registering with work email accounts or any email account that should not be used for communication through the website. Enter each domain name to restrict separated by a comma. If a member tries to register an account with an email address from one of the restricted domains they will be prompted to use an alternate address.

Finally you can customize the new user registration form message. This messge appears at the top of the user registration form. Enter your custom message into the text editor.

Click the update settings button to save the user registration form settings.

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