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1. The site search module/feature doesn't find much, if anything. How do we update the search feature?
2. How do I send out links or images in the email broadcast messages?
3. Is there a way to give certain members access to the text messaging feature without making the member into an Admin?
4. I don't know how to move the modules around on the home page. When i select "show module" i am able to see that each box around the website main page is numbered. I want to be able to take a box lower on the page and move it to the top. How do I do this?
5. Is there a way to put a live Google calendar on the website?
6. The clock on the voting page is 1 hour off, how do I change it?
7. Can I add a Facebook or Twitter widget to our site?
8. What are the security features of the online voting system?
9. How do I edit the address and phone numbers on the contact us page?
10. Our website seems to be too wide. How do I fix it?
11. I do not have a messaging tab in the admin area, how do I use the broadcasting feature?
12. Where do we edit Meta tags?
13. How do I change the color of the module box headers on each side of the website?
14. How do I use embed video code (like from Youtube) on our website?
15. How do I move modules on the home page and side columns?
16. How do I delete photos from the photo gallery?
17. How do I setup a shift calendar on the events calendar?
18. How do I use images in a broadcast email?
19. How do I add text from a Word document into an article or page?
20. How do I allow a specific member to upload photos to the gallery?
21. How do I use the 'View Past Articles' section?
22. How do we "go live" with our website?
23. How do I add articles to a page so it creates a hover menu?
24. How do I setup an area that only stewards will be able to view?
25. How do I change the security level for a member?
26. How do I move/rename the built-in feature links in the menus?
27. How do I remove a built-in feature link from the menus?
28. How do I add the blog feature to the member resource menu?
29. I'm having problems sending my email from Outlook, what is wrong?
30. How do I make the meeting minutes area members only?
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