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User Security Levels
Updated On: Sep 269, 2011

A guest account has no access to any area of the website. They cannot login, or view any members only areas of the site, but you will still have their contact info listed in the members tab of the site. This allows you to have accounts that you can email using the broadcast messaging area, and include in the user database, but who cannot login to the website.

Members are users that have been approved for standard access to the site. Members can view members only information like password protected pages and articles. Members can access built-in protected resources like message boards, member directories, and any other password protected resource. When a member logs in the can view and edit their own personal settings including their email address, mailing address, and member specific details.

Use the restricted-member security level to restrict access to certain members only contact areas for a specific user. Once the account is set as a restricted-member, click the Set Restricted User Permissions link on the user settings page for the account. On the next screen, place a check box next to each area that the user should have access to. For instance, if the account was for a retired member, and you only want them to have access to a certain retirees page, but no access to any other member only area, place a check next to the retirees page, and save the settings. When this user logs in they will only be able to access the areas you check in the permissions page of their account.

Editors have the same access as standard members, but they also have the ability to edit basic content on the website like pages and articles. They can edit other built-in resources as well like the photo gallery and the calendar. Soon you will be able to specify exactly which resources an editor can manage. This will give detailed control over what and editor can change. If you have a multi-local package, you can also create Local Editors. Local Editors can only edit the information for their locals page.

The restricted-editor account work just like the restricted-member account, in that you can limit their access to certain areas of the website, but you can also give them the ability to edit specific areas of the website as well. For instance, if you want the user to only be able to edit the photo gallery of the website, check the photo gallery box in the edit column of the restricted user permissions page.

Admins have full access to the website and can edit and manage all resources. Admins also have access to the Administration area where the main website controls and settings are located. The Admin security level should only be applied to trusted individuals within your main organization. We recommend keeping the number of admins for the site to a minimum, no more than 2 or 3 total, mostly for security purposes.

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