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Updated On: Jan 17, 2018

Did you know more than 50% of your organizations website usage originates from a mobile device or tablet? It is critical more than ever to have a website that displays and works easily on mobile devices. Responsive design and mobile apps are key to making a website easy to navigate on mobile and tablet devices which encourages users to come back. If your organizations website is not responsive and doesn't offer a mobile app option, you could be losing out on critical member communication and public outreach opportunities.

Even if you already have a responsive website it’s important to create content the proper way. Here are some things you can do to ensure mobile users will want to return to your site repeatedly.

Upgrade to a responsive design

Responsive design helps websites display seamlessly across all types of mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. No need for separate mobile versions with separate content. Contact us anytime for a review of your organizations website. We can provide you with options on how to upgrade your site and boost your member traffic. Find out more.

Think vertical when posting content

When creating new articles or pages on your site think about the fact that many will view the content in a narrow mobile screen. Stack images above and below blocks of text. Avoid creating wide fixed width tables or content that requires a user to scroll to the right. Use responsive html elements to automatically adjust content to different screen sizes.

Preview website and content on a mobile device

This is the simplest thing you can do. Open your website on your own mobile phone and view the content you have posted. Is it easy to access and read on the device? Does it require scrolling to the right or pinch and zoom to read content? If so make adjustments to orient content differently. Remember to think vertical.

Test website in browser mobile simulator

If you use Chrome or FireFox to manage your website you can use their built-in mobile simulator to view website content in many types of devices. Here are the steps:

1. When viewing your website click the Ctrl-Shift-I keys at the same time (Command+Option+I on a mac). This will open the inspector window. 

2. On Chrome click the mobile icon in the upper left corner of the inspector window. On FireFox click the responsive design mode icon in the upper left of the inspector window. Both buttons will switch the main browser screen to the size of a mobile device. 

3. View your website now in the mobile size. You can select from multiple device options that include Apple iPhone versions, tablet versions, and other types of mobile devices. At least try the iPhone 6 and iPad views as those will be very common and a good representation of most mobile and tablet sizes.

Purchase a mobile app

A mobile app can provide a tremendous boost in members using your site. Even if your site is not responsive a mobile app can bridge the gap and give members an easy way to access important member information. Contact us anytime to find out about mobile app options for your website. We built mobile apps for UnionActive and WordPress based websites!

Taking these extra steps to make sure your organizations website and content are easy to access from mobile devices will go a long way. Members will return for new information and the public will better understand your mission. If you have any questions or want to upgrade your site, contact us today.

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