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Updated On: Jan 19, 2021

The contractor database feature allows you to enter a large list of contractors or employers with contact information in a searchable mobile friendly format. The contractor database feature is now available to advanced package websites in the admin area > features tab > add/remove features link.

Setup Categories

Enable the contractor database in the admin area > features tab > add/remove features link. This will add the Contractors link to the member resources section. Go to the Contractors page and click the Edit Categories link. Add in the categories you can to have for your contractors. You can assign contractors to multiple categories once created.

Add Contractors to Database

To add new contractors go to the Contractors page and click the Add Business or Add Employer link. That will open the new contractor form. Add in the name, select the categories, then complete the other information as needed and save. Do this for each contractor.

Once saved the contractor will be listed on the directory page under the selected categories.

Search Contractor Database

On the contractors page use the search options or category links to find specific contractors. You can enter the contractor name or part of it or the city or state to see results for that info.

Edit a Contractor

To edit a contractor search for the contractor in the directory area then click the Edit button next to their information.

If you have any questions let us know. Thank you.

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