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Embed a PDF in any page, article, or module
Posted On: Feb 11, 2021

There is a new button available above all page, article, and custom module editors labeled "Embed PDF". This button allows you to insert and display a PDF's full contents directly into any page, article, or module. The PDF embed has many options for viewing pages, zooming content, printing, downloading, and other functions.

To embed a PDF place the cursor in the editor where you want the PDF to appear, then click the Embed PDF button above the editor. Use either option 1 or option 2 as shown on the form. Option 1 allows you to upload a PDF from your computer to the /docs folder of the site and use that as the embedded PDF. Option 2 allows you to select a PDF that already exists in the /docs folder to use as the embedded PDF. Option 1 will override option 2.

Once you have selected the PDF from your computer or from the existing PDF drop down menu click the save button. The proper code will be placed into the editor. In the editor it will look like just a simple link to the PDF. But once the page, article, or module is saved and viewed through the site the PDF will render inline as shown below:

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