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Online Membership Applications & Card Signing
Updated On: Mar 05, 2021

Take your membership application and card signing online with a custom membership application system from Unions-America.

Digitize your application process and streamline new member applications, apprentice applications, card signing, or anything else.

Our mobile friendly membership applications have a ton of features including:

* Automatic PDF output of all forms
* Electronic signature with mouse or finger
* Document upload
* Check off authorization, PAC donation, death benefit, or any type or form all together in one streamlined process
* Save to spreadsheet or automatically create a website user account for new members
* Secure download of files from website management area or sent via email
* Send copy of completed forms to new member automatically
* Password protection for sensitive document

We take your current application forms and turn them into a powerful online application process. If you already have electronic PDF's we can setup the system to populate those existing files. Or if you don't have electronic copies the system can output completed forms on the fly that replicate your paper versions. When a member completes the easy application process you will receive beautiful PDF versions of the completed forms with all legal text and signatures included.

See some examples of membership forms below:

Multi page forms with simplified entry

Signature with mouse or finger

Mobile Friendly!

Contact us for a quote! Provide your current application form examples and we will provide a quote to digitize your membership application process. If you have any questions let us know. Thank you.

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