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Spell Check for Text Editor Update
Updated On: Jan 19, 2022

The built-in web spell check button is no longer available for the editor. We have replaced it with a new spell check as you type option.

Spelling will be automatically checked as you enter content into the editor now. Word or phrase suggestions will be highlighted by the editor. To see suggestions, simply hover your mouse over the highlighted words and a popup will appear. Use the popup to select the correct change, add a custom word, or ignore a suggestion.

The new spell check will also auto-correct words by default. If there are no corrections that it can find the orange circle will display a check mark. If there are corrections suggested, the total number of corrections will be shown in the orange circle.

You can adjust settings for the spell check by hovering over the orange circle in the lower corner of the editor. Click the settings icon to adjust how the spell check works. Or click the pop-out icon to display a larger suggestion dialog box. You can also disable the spell check by selecting the disable icon.

As you type, it does take a few seconds to display the mistakes. And it won't make suggestions for random strings that it can't find a reasonable match for.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! This update may require you to refresh the editor page or clear out the browser cache to see the update.

To refresh the editor page, try clicking CTRL-F5 on your keyboard. That should force the page to refresh. If you don't see the orange circle appearing after clicking into the editor, you may need to clear the browser cache. Use the links below for instructions on clearing the cache for your specific browser:









If you experience any trouble with this update please let us know. Thank you.

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