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QR Code Check-in for Meetings and Events
Updated On: Mar 24, 2022

A QR code Check-in Card option has been added to the member database.

Members access the check-in card by logging into the site and going to their account settings page, then clicking the Check-In Card button. The check-in card link can also be added to the mobile app or bookmarked for quick access.

The button generates a QR code that works with a Data Manager form. The QR code is unique to each member's account. When the QR code is scanned and the generated link is clicked, a record is logged into the Data Manager form with the member information and a date/time stamp. This keeps a running log of meetings or events that a member has attended.

The check-in process checks that the member account is currently active and in good standing. If not, no record is logged and an alert message is shown on the QR code URL.

The QR code check-in card requires an advanced package with the Data Manager service.

To setup the check-in card process, first go to the admin area > features tab > Data Manager link. Click the Data Groups button. Add in a new data group and select the member meeting check-in QR code template, then create the form. This sets up the form that will capture the check-in records.

Next, to activate the check-in card button, go to the admin area > features tab > add/remove features link. Set the Enable Check-In QR Code Card option to yes. Then select the data manager form that you just created as the form to use for check-in records. Then save the page.

Now members can generate their check-in card by going to their accounts settings page. To add the check-in card to the mobile app, contact us or use the content options to add a new link to the mobile app.

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