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IAFF Database Member Sync
Updated On: Sep 263, 2023

Direct IAFF database member sync is now available for all IAFF locals and state associations using the UnionActive system!

Easily sync your IAFF member database to your UnionActive website with the click of a couple buttons. No spreadsheet export or import required! Simply run the sync and then send email broadcast or short code text message to your whole membership.

IAFF Database Member List

To access your IAFF Database member list go to the admin area > members tab and click the IAFF Database button. The page will display a real-time list of current dues paying members of your local or state association. The list shows 500 records at a time and is ordered by local number and last name. The list will include active and retired members.

The Website Active column will indicate if the IAFF member has a matching active website account. If the column shows Yes, then there was a match found for the user in the website based on IAFF number, email, cell phone, or name and zip code. If no match was found, the column will display No.

Search By IAFF Number

There is a field to enter an IAFF number if you need to find a specific member record. Enter the IAFF number into the field and click the button. If the IAFF number is found for a member of your local it will display a single record.

Search By Local Number

State association websites will also have an additional local search option. To view only members for a specific local, enter the full 5 character local number into the search field. For example, enter "L0012" to display only members of that local.

Create Web Accounts

To import members who do not have a website account yet, click the Create Web Accounts button. Then run the Import sync to create the accounts and import contact information like email and cell phone. There are selections for what security level and resource group members and retired members should be imported to. You can also select not to import retired members at all.

Once the import is complete, you can place users into groups or send broadcast messages to everyone.

Update Web Accounts

Running the update sync will pull IAFF number, email, cellphone, and mailing address information into website accounts that are missing that data based on matching up IAFF database accounts with existing website accounts. The IAFF data will not overwrite website data. It will only update an account if that information is empty in the website account.

Disable Web Accounts

To disable website accounts that do not currently have a matching IAFF number in the member list run the disable sync. The disable sync will only work for website accounts that contain an IAFF number in the member ID field. If that IAFF number doesn't exist in the current IAFF database for your local, the website account will be disabled and will no longer receive broadcast messages or be able to login to the website.

If you have any questions or trouble with the IAFF database sync let us know.

* Please note there is no option to update IAFF database accounts from the website.

Email IAFF Members Directly

Click the Email Members button to send broadcast emails directly to IAFF members using their saved email address in the IAFF database. You can include all members or only members with no website account yet.

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